Personal Foundations is a catalyst for profound awakening. A way to let go of everything that no longer serves you and bring your goodness and beauty into the world. This makes it the cornerstone of your personal leadership.

Sprookjes bos

Personal Foundations is a catalyst for profound awakening. A way to let go of everything that no longer serves you and bring your goodness and beauty into the world. This makes it the cornerstone of your personal leadership.

Sprookjes bos
  • Private program of 10-12 days.

  • Combines tools from various healing and development disciplines
  • Uncover and realise your hidden potential

  • Effective approach that engages body, mind and heart

  • Live with more vitality, purpose, intimacy and authenticity
  • Put your true values, talents and needs at the heart of your life

When should you invest in your personal leadership?

When you feel stuck in a relationship that doesn’t work or a career that doesn’t fit. Or when you feel weightened down by difficult feelings or a negative self-image. When you feel disconnected from yourself and the world around you. Or when you have limited choices and your vitality is diminishing.

Often, the way we deal with these problems – e.g. emotional disconnection or reliance on substances only exacerbates them. Not because there is something wrong with us, but because we are repeating the lessons from our childhood.

Fundamental lessons about our value, boundaries, feelings and safety. Or lessons about attachment, validation and your place within the world. We repeat these lessons in adulthood, e.g. in our relationships and parenting.

What is the purpose of Personal Foundations?

Personal Foundations helps you to break free from these patterns by tackling them at their root and replace them with healthy alternatives.

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By anchoring safety, self-worth and self-care within yourself. And by tapping into the wisdom and strength contained with you.This will give you the inner freedom to live in line with your feelings, values and needs. To build nurturing and intimate relationships. To have a meaningful career and to raise your children in a healthier way.

What does Personal Foundations look like?

To achieve this, Personal Foundations combines the best parts of a range of therapeutic and self-development practice into a private 10-12 day programme. This is a lead by a seasoned therapist in a comfortable and safe environment.

Personal Foundations are flexible. Each day starts at 09:00 and ends at around 15:00. Half days are an option, too. You can start at any time and complete the programme at your own pace. Many people choose to come in once every two to three weeks, others want a more intense approach by doing a couple of days in a row. The programme can be completed in the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam, or in the United Kingdom, in Surrey.

Block 1:

2 days

We start our process by taking an in-depth look at your life and how it shaped you. We take a detailed personal history and see how your family of origin, school, and culture shape you? We also identify your MBTI and Enneagram personality types, two powerful tools for self-understanding.

At the end of block 1, you will know the experiences and patterns that govern your life and how you adapted to a stuation that did not always feel natural.

For example how you set boundaries, fulfil your needs, deal with conflict, express emotions, pursue goals, and relate to people. Increased self-knowledge is empowering and creates space for better choices.

Block 2:

8 days

In this block we work on the patterns and emotional burdens identified in Block 1. We use effective tools from different disciplines, with an emphasis on body work and your emotions.

This means we don’t just talk and analyse, but get to the actual source of the issues that bother you. And rather than tackle a single issues – say, depression, addiction or burnout – we look at how everything connects to every part of your life.

By healing old wounds and letting go off old burdens, your vitality and resilience will increase. It will also make it clearer to you who you really are, what you really want and what aspects of yourself you would like to develop.

It’s likely that many things in your life will change. But it will happen at a responsible pace that enables you to adapt your outside world to your inner world. We will help you to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Block 3:

2 days (optional)

This last block is optional, but follows naturally from block 2. In it, we look ahead, at how you want to shape your future. The way we do this depends on your needs, dreams and ambitions, which by then will be freer from old patterns and therefore clearer.

Some clients want to reshape their relationships or wonder what kind of parent or person they want to become.

Others want to work on their personal mission, vision and purpose, or explore how they can give their career or business a boost.

Whatever it is we’re looking at, we’ll create a roadmap for the next few years. Your values, talents and needs will be central to this. This is a good way to an intense and life-altering process.

We tend to see that the changes made during the program are permanent. But life goes on and we evolve, and some clients return once in a while to work on new things. Our door is always open.

Do you feel that Personal Foundations could be right for you?

If you are curious about Personal Foundations, the next step is to have an introductory meeting with Branka van Roon. She will be happy to answer your questions and help you decide whether Personal Foundations is right for you, as well as discuss financial and logistical issues. You may can meet with her online or face to face.