About Branka van Roon

It’s an honour to work as a therapist, to receive people’s trust. Clients can build and rely on me. I accept them unconditionally and meet them where they are in their lives. I am genuinely happy for my clients when they do well.

Our approach is one of collaboration, an exchange of feelings, energy and ideas. It is a special, intimate relationship in which together we can achieve more than we can separately. It creates a space where you can safely explore the deepest parts of yourself.

Learning is one of my values and I learn from my clients every day. Every day, in and outside of the sessions, I look for new knowledge and possibilities, for example by doing research and learning from others. This feeds me and is good for my clients

As someone with a lot of professional and life experience, I feel free and complete. I trust that there is nothing I cannot achieve or understand.

Branka van Roon