Body Freedom restores your body’s natural resilience and balance, and provides a lasting solution to unexplained mental and physical ailments.

Boom in het bos

Body Freedom restores your body’s natural resilience and balance, and provides a lasting solution to unexplained mental and physical ailments.

Boom in het bos
  • Private program of 10-12 days.

  • Addresses the root cause of your unexplained symptoms
  • Uncover and realise your hidden potential

  • Put your true values, talents and needs at the heart of your life
  • Restore the natural regulating power of your body

When should I consider Body Freedom?

  • Unexplained bodily sensations, e.g. feeling overwhelmed, heaviness or weakness
  • (Chronic) pain
  • Physical symptoms such as tension headaches, nausea, joint pain or stomach aches
  • Chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue, (chronic pelvic) pain and fibromyalgia
  • Emotional eating or substance abuse in times of stress;
  • Feeling burned out, stressed or anxious.
  • OCD

What causes my symptoms?

You may have had medical tests, but they have not shown physical evidence of any disorder or damage to the nervous system. Doctors have not been able to offer a diagnosis or medical solution.

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In our experience, the symptoms you experience are caused by negative life events from the past and/or the stress of daily life.This could include a miscarriage, a car accident or the loss of a marriage. It can be a medical procedure you just went through. For many others, it is their whole childhood. Some people call that trauma.

This has nothing to do with personal weakness or a character flaw. It is simply a result of a disbalance in your nervous system. One that impacts your body and mind, undermining the very foundations of your well-being, your sense of self, your resilience and ability to connect with others.
Often, the underlying reason for your symptoms is unresolved early childhood stress responses that were once activated for your protection. These lingering ‘ghosts’ can still have powerful influences on your emotions, reactions, behaviors, and choices.

What can I do about it?

By tackling the source of your stress, anxiety or overwhelm you can rid yourself of your symptoms and take charge of your life.

In healing your symptoms, it is important to look at the story that both the body and the mind are telling. Our healing process addresses the root cause of your unexplained symptoms that stress and anxiety have left you with.

It is based on simultaneously working with your body sensations and your negative beliefs and emotions to restore the rnatural regulating power of your body and mind. This approach is thorough, personal and effective. It requires 12 days of one-on-one work.

Block 1:

2 days

We start by making a thorough inventory of your life’s journey, the people that shaped you, your symptoms and your day-to-day challenges. This identifies the limiting patterns and emotional burden that are at the root of your symptoms.

We also identify your MBTI and Enneagram personality types, which show you when you are at your best and which emotional defense strategies you use to protect yourself from stressful situations.

Furthermore, we prepare you for making a deep connection with your body by attuning to your body sensations, by paying attention to your body boundaries and by experiencing the value of grounding and centering. This way your body will be able to ‘unfreeze’ your unwanted symptom(s).

Block 2:

8 days

In this block we deal with the inner patterns at the core of your symptoms. We do that both on the level of body sensations and your emotions, a powerful combination at the heart of our approach.

We track body sensations that help you move from being stuck in a specific symptom and use these sensations in a gentle way to restore the normal functioning of your nervous system.

At the same time, we attend to your emotional patterns which are holding you back because they can lead to anxiety, depression and difficult feelings, such as shame or not being worthy. We heal them using tools from some of the world’s powerful healing and development traditions.

As you progress, you will gradually experience that your symptoms are fading away, that you have more vitality, joy and resilience in your life. Your body and mind will gradually restore their natural balance and regulated state, and you will feel more inner strength and peace of mind.

We will liberate you from that part of yourself that you are stuck in and will restore the trust in your own abilities and talents. You will develop courage, clarity and confidence to lead yourself to the outside world.

You wil get clearer about what it is you really want in life and most likely discover potential you did not know you had. In short: you will get more and more in touch with your core self.

These inner changes and the healing from your unwanted symptoms on a deep level will affect the way you treat yourself, relate to others and pursue your goals.

Block 3:

1-2 days (optional)

As your symptoms are decreasing you will be rewarded with energy and room for a new kind of life in which you focus on inner growth, professional progress, healthy relationships and a more values-driven, purposeful life.

In this block, you explore the relatioships you want to have, or the parent or person you want to be. You will also discover your true values, talents and needs and determine a way to make space for them in your life.

In this block we also create a map of the future and identify practical steps to realise your goals. Some clients work on their personal mission, vision, and purpose. Others determine the goals they want to pursue and which parts of their life they want to transform.

Free from your unwanted symptoms and emotional patterns to hold you back, this block will give you a strong foundation for years to come.

ect the way you treat yourself, relate to others and pursue your goals.

How does Body Freedom Work?

Body Freedom comprises 10-12 full days. You are free to choose the pace at which you complete the programme. Many people choose to come in once every two to three weeks. This allows you to honour your commitments at home and at work, and leaves enough time to process. At this pace, the programme takes a few months to complete.

Other people prefer to do an intensive. In this case we pack the curriculum into two five-day periods. Each period involves full days of work from Monday to Friday, with two to three months in between the two periods to allow you to integrate. While intense and demanding, previous clients have reported this this schedule to be an amazing, transformational experience.

The programme can be completed in the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam, or in the United Kingdom, in Surrey.


We encourage you to contact us for a free introductory meeting so you can see whether this programme really is for you. We take the time to get to know you, to answer all your questions and to enable you to feel whether on a personal level there is a good fit. Please use the button below to book a meeting or use the contact form to send us a message.