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As a leader you will be aware of your competences, expertise and talents. They are the reason you are in your current position. However, you also have behaviours, attitudes and psychological strategies that limit you.

You may be aware that some of these reduce your ability to make decisions, handle conflict or inspire people to follow you. Others operate outside of your awareness and constitute a potentially disruptive ’blind spot’ in your leadership.

The Leadership Impact Scan identifies some of your disruptive mental and emotional strategies and the ways in which they influence you. This empowers you to develop more effective alternatives and lead the way you really want.

More importantly, the assessment identifies the talents and competences you are not or not fully developing because of your inner constraints. By tapping into this new source of power, you can revitalise your leadership and take your career into unexpected directions.

The Leadership Impact Scan combines established psychometric tools with innovative methods to identify your true strengths and challenges. By combining this with an in-depth, half-day interview, we help you identify:

  • Your inner constraints
  • The blind spots of your leadership
  • People or situations that trigger you into disruptive responses
  • Unhealthy strategies for dealing with pressure, resistance and uncertainty
  • Patterns of thinking and feeling that hold you back
  • Your hidden potential
  • Talents and competences you have not fully developed
  • Your true (hidden) leadership qualities
  • Leadership behaviours you can still develop
  • Strategies for overcoming your constraints and accessing your full potential.

The assessment is the perfect starting point for a coaching or leadership development process that empowers you to live and lead from your most powerful self.

Fee €495 (+ 21% VAT)
If you commit to one of our programmes, this amount will be deducted from the fee.

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