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Branka van Roon

Branka van Roon

What clients say about me
Clients say that I am calm, warm, and direct and that I bring depth and intelligence to my work. They also feel that I believe in them and that that encourages them to believe in themselves. Furthermore, they say that I am real, that I don’t need my clients to be someone and that I bring the wisdom of older age. My clients also see that I love and respect myself.

How I describe myself
I am devoted to my clients and support them unconditionally. Because I don’t judge their emotions and behaviours, they are free to open up. Above all, I really want the best for my clients, sometimes even before they want it themselves. At the same time I want my clients to be committed, because our work is a partnership. I am also good at seeing the many ways that people can grow.

What I want for my clients
I want my clients to become whole, because that is how they become who they really are. That, in turn, allows them to realise all their opportunities for a better life and career. I believe that this is possible for them and that they are worth it. Everybody is worth his own dreams.

My educational background
I have a Masters in Pharmacy and during my 20 years as CEO I completed a number of leadership development courses. In addition, I trained with Pat Wyman in deep emotional work, studied generative trance with Stephen Gilligan in the US and completed my coaching training with CoachU. I did my NLP Masters Practitioner with Robert Dilts in the US and followed a course in the Thinking Environment with Nancy Kline. I am MBTI certified by the Centre for Applications of Psychological Type and I did a course in Embodied Leadership with Mark Walsh in the UK.

What else I bring to this work
Deep knowledge of human development, wisdom and life experience. There really is little I haven’t experienced, read or seen, and this makes me a great resource for my clients. It also allows me to act as a model for leadership, parenting and leading a satisfactory life.

My professional background
After my education as a pharmacist, I worked in a lab, got promoted to department head and became the first female CEO of my health care organisation. After that, I spent 20 years leading health care organisations, specialising in transforming their strategy and culture. I have intimate experience with the ups and downs of leadership, so I can relate to todays CEOs. I have also served on the supervisory board of three NGOs and set up a pro bono coaching programme through my local Rotary club.


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